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commercial solar installation that powers your business

By offering solar services and promoting energy efficiency, AirFlex is playing an active role in creating a more sustainable future.

Solar Panel Installation

Install solar panels on residential, commercial, and industrial properties, customizing the installation to the specific needs and preferences of the client.

Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance

Solar panels require routine maintenance to ensure that they are functioning efficiently and generating as much electricity as possible. We can provide regular cleaning, inspection, and repair services to keep panels in top condition.

Energy Storage Solutions

Batteries or other types of storage systems, which can store excess electricity generated by the solar panels for use later. This allows clients to rely less on the grid and use more of the solar-generated electricity themselves.


Servicing for HVAC and solar systems in commercial properties, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency to meet our clients’ needs.

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Expert service for residential HVAC and solar systems, delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions to ensure energy efficiency of our clients’ homes.

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hvac mechanical engineering

AirFlex services is a leading provider of top-quality HVAC systems for residential and commercial properties in San Diego. We specialize in mechanical engineering.

Installation of HVAC Systems

Installing new heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Repair and Maintenance of HVAC Systems

Diagnosing and repairing problems with existing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, as well as performing routine maintenance to keep systems operating efficiently.

Replacement of HVAC Systems

When an HVAC system reaches the end of its lifespan, an HVAC mechanical company can remove and replace the entire system with a new, more efficient model.

What Our Clients Say...

Brian Goodwin
Brian Goodwin
Sal really goes above and beyond to get the job done right. Sal installed three heat pumps to date for us, all super high efficiency (high SEER) Fujitsu. I recommend him to friends regularly.
Bruce Rudd
Bruce Rudd
I received three proposals for my HVAC replacement and it was obvious that AIR FLEX was the best for me. They listened to what I wanted and guided me the best way to get there. The crew was excellent and professional. I would highly recommend AIR FLEX for your HVAC needs.
Ray C
Ray C
They did an excellent job, and in one day. Highly recommend. Did everything we talked about. Was able to make last minute decisions. Very easy to work with.
Eben Maat
Eben Maat
Trustworthy and reliable! My AC unit was installed many years ago by a different company. I called Air Flex because they were close to my home and I just wanted a service. They did a good job and I was happy. I then saved their number and called them when my unit stopped working a couple of years ago. They were quick and friendly and had it fixed for under $100. Last week my unit started smoking and for sure I thought I was going to have to replace the whole unit or at least be told it would be cheaper to go that way. Not with Air Flex. They came out and said they would try to find a new motor as the unit was older they didn't have any in stock. He took the housing for the fan and motor and said he will call me when he gets one. 2 minutes later he knocked back on my door and said they found one. He said he would be able to pick it up assemble it at his shop and then bring it back, this was around 8:30 in the morning. He was back and had it installed by 11:30. Awesome job! But, it gets better. The new motor/fan was louder than the old unit. It was noticeable that night so, I sent a message to the company expecting that it was just an issue of a louder dB rating. They should up the next morning took the motor/fan out and took it with them. They came back and installed it and now I think it is quieter than the original one. There was no charge for the multiple follow-up visits or work. I offered to pay and was happy to pay something, but they refused it. Not many companies will go to these levels to make you happy or make things right without making you feel bad or charging you more. I am a customer for life and will be sending something to their office to show my appreciation. And by the way, the whole job for parts and installation was cheaper than any generic motor I could find on the internet. Incredible! Thanks Air Flex!
Andy Cameron
Andy Cameron
Sal called me about 30 seconds after i hit ''send''button on this site! he also was the only contractor to ask if i minded that he come inspect my furnace now . enter the crawlspace under my house and see if any components needed replacing or the furnace needed to be rebuilt ( as another company had indicated). he he called me back within 30 minutes and told me my furnace was in good shape, but that i may need a new thermostat. he then proceeded to return to my house after i got off work, test the thermostat, which did need to be replaced, and completed the work in about 30 minutes. i found him to be very professional, and affordable.
Ronee k
Ronee k
perfect job they are one of the best , on time , professional and fairly priced ,they did very clean job no mess left behind , we would recommend to friends and family

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